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How to improve your community using your voice: Guides now available

It’s hard.

There are a variety of issues in your school and even your broader community that you see and want to change. There’s too much going on, though-- you’re balancing classes, sports, music, and other things. Where do you begin? How can you take action towards solving these issues?

Oregon Student Voice recognizes that the road to advocacy is not an easy one, nor is it an obvious one. That’s why we published our first series of nine how-to guides, focused on how you can “improve your community using your voice.” Through this series, you’ll be able to learn, with detailed steps, how to go about initiating change, maintaining momentum, and ensuring that you finish what you initially set out to do:

  1. How to have authentic student voice

  2. How to speak with decision makers

  3. How to advocate for policy change

  4. How to start and run a student-led group

  5. How to organize your community

  6. How to conduct research in your community

  7. How to be inclusive of diverse voices

  8. How to authentically listen

  9. How to influence school boards

To access these how-to guides, or to learn more, visit the Empower page.

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