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Empowering Our Voices Rally: Uniting students across the state

OSV is excited to announce the Empowering Our Voices Rally, which will take place there on September 24th, 2018.

Empowering Our Voices blue graphic. Rally for Students on September 24, 2018

The rally aims to equip approximately 100 students from across the state with the skills, knowledge, and connections to institute change in school and local communities. Participants will attend a half day training to learn about topics ranging from the importance of student voice in decision-making to effective communication with decision makers to K-12 reform advocacy at the state level. Afterwards, participants will head to the Oregon State Capitol to show the power of collective student voice. They will then meet with legislators to practice what they just learned and discuss issues that they care about in their school.

OSV partnership schools or community organizations bringing a group of four students and an educator will be reimbursed for expenses incurred related to travel and need of a substitute teacher, while those coming from beyond 3 hours away from Salem will also be reimbursed hosted by Willamette University and reimbursed for evening meal expenses.

The Empowering Our Voices Rally seeks to inspire sustainable and positive community change. Schools and organizations that agree to support students in continuing to participate in OSV's Empower Initiative will receive bi-monthly trainings for the remainder of the school year to help a group of students to address changes in their school or community. The ultimate goal of this initiative is to create a network of schools and organizations across Oregon utilizing student-adult partnerships to address systemic K-12 challenges.

To learn more, check out our informational booklet:

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