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New OSV Regional Center opens in Salem

In the midst of a growing presence around the state, we're excited to announce the opening of OSV's second Regional Center located at Willamette University in Salem!

The new Regional Center, like OSV's center in Portland, serves as a monthly meeting place for the area's members. Through Zoom, a conference call platform, we're able to connect the Portland and Salem meetings in real time. Salem-area high school students interested in attending the next Regional Center meeting can do so at our next monthly meeting on May 2 at 4:30 PM.

However you are able to fully participate in our meetings even if you live outside the Portland or Salem areas. While we are currently seeking to expand the Regional Centers, OSV is dedicated to inclusion and can include new members in our meetings virtually through Zoom!

To attend the next meeting, either through Zoom or the Regional Center, join OSV here.

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