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Statewide student report comes at a pivotal moment in national student voice movement



Samantha Holquist Advising Executive Director, Oregon Student Voice e:

Portland, Ore—March 6, 2018—Oregon Student Voice releases an unprecedented statewide report outlining what Oregon students have to say about their schools.

In the fall of 2017, Oregon Student Voice (OSV), a student-led organization that empowers students to be authentic partners with education decision makers, realized there was limited statewide data showing the conditions of Oregon’s schools through students’ eyes. Therefore, OSV created an online survey and conducted focus groups to collect this information. More than 2,200 high school students across the state shared their experiences in Oregon’s K-12 education system.

“This report is based on the raw uncut opinions of the people who know the state of our schools better than anyone: the students,” said Jared Cetz, OSV’s executive director and a sophomore at David Douglas High School. “I hope policymakers and education decision makers will take this report and listen to the needs of the students.”

One of the most important concerns of students was the need for trusting and respectful school environments, and that most schools are currently lacking such an environment. Many students do not feel welcome or valued by other students, teachers, or administrators. With school safety being discussed across the nation, this report shows that Oregon needs to address safety concerns in a different way: the creation of respectful, trusting, and inclusive school environments for all students.

“This report reiterates the importance of respect and trust among students and educators as they partner to develop a positive, engaging school climate,” said Grace Didway, a senior at Oregon City High School, “Only then will our schools be safe and welcoming for all students.”

In the wake of the tragedy that took place last month in Parkland, Florida, our country has seen an emergence of a powerful voice: students. These once silenced voices have gained support from adults across the country—shattering the idea that students’ opinions are irrelevant.


About Oregon Student Voice Oregon Student Voice is a student-led organization that empowers all students to be authentic partners with other education stakeholders in making decisions that affect their K-12 learning experiences and opportunities. All Oregon students grades 6 through 12 can join OSV. | @ORStudentVoice

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