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OSV’s 2018 Policy Priorities

We work to ensure that all students are authentic partners with other education stakeholders in making decisions that affect their K-12 learning experience and opportunities. As part of this mission, we actively promote student participation in the education policy-making process. We strive to advance policies that we believe will enhance Oregon’s education system to better support all students and their learning. In 2018, we will be advancing the following priority issues:

  • Improving reporting standards around sexual harassment allegations to ensure the safety of students and increase transparency and accountability in school administration (HB 4150).

  • Creating a rural education task force to address rural education challenges (HB 4051).

  • Ensuring that students are authentically engaged with the work of the Joint Committee on Student Success work.

  • Advocating for district wide curricula that teach students how schools are governed and how to advocate for themselves at the local level (school governance policy).

  • Removing barriers to financing higher education for undocumented students (SB 1563).

To learn more about these issues and why we support them, click here. We will be updating this document regularly as bills change and the policy process unfolds!

The 2018 legislative session is Monday, February 5 to Friday, March 9. We will be visiting the legislature often to show our support for advancing these policies. Our first visit was on Tuesday, February 6 when we met with Representatives Doherty, Hernandez, and Sprenger.

Are you interested in helping us make change in K-12 education policy? Join OSV today here!

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