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Should we learn about education governance in schools?

Here is an opportunity for your voice to be included in an important policy decision!

Oregon Department of Education is in the process of updating the social studies standards. They are requesting feedback on the drafted social studies standards. Oregon Student Voice believes these standards are missing a specification that students learn about educational institutions and school governance. As students, it is extremely difficult to have a voice in decisions being made about our education if we are never taught how the system functions.

To increase student voice, please respond to questions 4, 6, and 7 of this survey with the following statement or something similar [the statement is written from the student perspective]:

"Students need to know how educational institutions, such as school boards, operate and govern to have a voice in their education. However, I currently do not learn this in school. I am requesting a change to HS.27 and HS.29 to explicitly state that students learn about educational institutions and school governance."

The deadline is quick: THIS Thursday, November 30

Thank you for helping us raise student voice in education policy decisions!

Please share this announcement with any students, educators, and community members that may be interested in contributing their feedback to Oregon's new high school social studies standards.

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