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Bringing student voice to K-12 leaders

Last week, Ebado Abdi, Jared Cetz, Grace Didway, David Goncharuk, and Chloe Wright presented Oregon Student Voice to K-12 leaders from across Oregon at Chalkboard’s annual meeting. We had an audience with foundations, legislators, teachers, administrators, and community partners. The most common question we were asked: how can we support your work? Our answer: give students a platform and allow us a seat at the decision-making table. We cannot wait to continue to grow and lead change across the state.

We also invited Madisyn Montgomery, a senior from Oregon City High School, to kick off a panel of K-12 leaders at the meeting. She along with education leaders shared their thoughts on how we can make transformational change in K-12 education. What did Madi say? First, we need a diverse curriculum that equips students to be open to different perspectives. Second, we need to listen. Listen to student and teacher needs to create a system that students and teachers want to be apart of.

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