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Honoring Teachers on World Teacher Day

Today, we want to thank all of our caring, passionate, and engaged teachers who have shaped our lives and empowered us both inside and outside the classroom. OSV honors teachers on World Teacher Day by sharing some of our favorite memories and lessons learned from our teachers:

My 5th grade GATE teacher taught me how to push myself to do better without being too hard on myself and it’s stuck with me to this day. And my choir teacher tells us every day it’s better to try and not succeed than to not put in effort and not progress in our learning. - Sariah P.

My social studies teacher taught me to question everything and that there is always more to something that you think. - Amelia E.

On morning of my AP Calculus exam, my teacher brought our entire class breakfast and snacks! - Grace D.

My math teacher taught us a fun way to solve a sequence for a ‘party trick’ so we can seem more popular. - Nick P.

My 8th grade teacher noticed how much of a nervous person I was and helped me gain confidence being in leadership positions. - Chloe W.

My 8th grade English teacher told us ‘The unexamined life is not worth living so examine your life! - David G.

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