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Jumping into fall with new initiatives and youth development opportunities

OSV is not letting the change in season slow down our progress. Yesterday, we spent all afternoon finalizing our new initiatives and youth development opportunities for Oregon's high school students. We have streamlined our projects into three clear student-led initiatives: Amplify, Empower, and Thrive. Learn more about each of them here.

We also hosted our facilitator training for the OSV Listening Tour. OSV members learned how to facilitate meaningful conversations with respect for all points of view. We are hosting discussions with peers across Oregon about opportunities and challenges in their learning environment. Our next stops are John F. Kennedy High School in Mt. Angel and David Douglas High School. We previously visited Burns High School and Crane Union High School in Harney County.

If you would like us to come to your high school, email us at We host discussions with 8-10 students and ask questions about their K-12 experience.

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