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Oregon Student Voice visits Harney County

This week we traveled to Harney County to speak to students about their experiences in Oregon public schools. Students offered many pieces of feedback about their education experiences. Some of the recognized benefits of attending school in Harney County were:

  1. Small class sizes. Students of Harney County appreciate how their small class sizes allow for high levels of individualized attention from their instructors. They noted that this attention allows them to easily achieve proficiency of curriculum.

  2. Safe school environment. The vast majority of students at Burns High School and Crane Union High School feel safe in their learning environment. They are comfortable learning and growing in this space.

  3. Unique opportunities. Students at Crane Union High School enjoy the unique opportunity to live in a high school dormitory. Students spend long periods of time with each other, which fosters meaningful peer relationships.

  4. Strong sense of community. The small number of students in Harney County creates a close-knit, community-based culture. While students have diverse perspectives, they share many common concerns regarding resources, discipline, empowerment, and engagement. These students feel connected to one another.

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