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We cultivate innovative, resilient, and engaged high school students. We provide students with the tools and support they need to lead change in their schools and community.


Empowering our voices

On September 24, we hosted a rally to bring students and decision makers together to learn and confront systemic K-12 concerns.

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How to


We regularly produce guides to help students and adults establish partnerships to tackle local and state challenges.




We facilitate bi-monthly trainings to support students in developing their confidence and skills to instigate change.

Empowering our Voices


Oregon Student Voice’s Empowering Our Voices Rally brings students and educators together to learn and confront systemic K-12 concerns using student voice. We support students in becoming innovative, resilient, and civic-minded individuals engaged in their schools and communities.


Participants attend a half-day training where they learn about topics ranging from the importance of student voice in decision making to how to advocate for K-12 reform at the state level. Participants then head to the Oregon State Capitol to show the power of student voice by meeting with legislators to discuss issues in their school.

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How To Guides

Our how to guides are designed to support students and adults in working together to address challenges using student voice. Each series provides insights into how students can confront systemic concerns and create lasting change in their school and community.

Series #1: how to improve your community using your voicE

How to Organize Your CommunitY

How to cONDUCT rESEARCH in your community

How to be Inclusive of Diverse Voices

How to Authenti-cally Listen

How to influence school boards

How to

lead a



How To Have Authentic Student VoicE

How to Speak

with Decision Makers

How To Advocate for

Policy Change

How to Start and Run a Student-Led Group

Series #2: How to improve your community using your voice - quarantine edition

How to Start and sustain your club during quarantine

How to write an op-ed

How to Study during quarantine

How to Maintain mental health During Quarantine

How to Write an Email

How to Virtually volunteeR During quarantine

Series #3: anti-racism mini series

Youth Trainings


We offer trainings to students to support their ability to instigate change. Each training is designed and delivered by students for students; we welcome adult participates. Trainings are held bi-monthly virtually on a Wednesday. We post slides to the trainings online for students that cannot attend.

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