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We listen to the stories of students across Oregon and partner with K-12 decision makers to improve students' experiences.

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Listening tour

We travel the state to  hear from students about their experiences in schools

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State of our schools

The State of Our Schools report examines Oregon's high schools through the eyes of students


 Reports & briefs

We research and write reports on imporant issues impacting students in our schools.

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K-12 pOLICY Work

We strive to influence local and state K-12 policies to improve education for all students.

State of our Schools

State of Our Schools

Taking an initial step to elevate student participation in decision-making processes, OSV listened to high school students across Oregon to attain a better comprehension of their perceptions of our education system. More than 2,200 students shared their experiences in an online survey or during focus group discussions. In this report, written by high school students, we analyze responses around different aspects of schooling. We conclude with recommendations for how Oregon’s K-12 education system can better support students.

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We regularly conduct research on the challenges students face in our schools. To gain a comprehensive understanding of each issue, we analyze student data and examine academic resources. Based on our research, we offer recommendations for change.

Reforming K-12 Sexual Harassment Policies

This policy brief analyzes the need to align K-12 sexual harassment policies with collegiate policies.

Promoting inclusivity in schools

This policy brief highlights the effects of harassment on students and how to address it.

The Need for Improved Mental Health ResourceS

This policy brief examines the need for more mental health resources to support students.

Promoting student-teacher feedback

This report offers recommendations for helping students provide teachers with feedback.

Teaching K-12 education governance

This policy brief examines the need for teaching students about K-12 education governance.

Student Voice in District Decision Making

This research report analyzes the current ways districts incorporate student voices.

The Need for Inclusive Curriculum

This policy brief offers arguments in favor of a more inclusive curriculum.

Importance of student voice

This policy brief highlights the benefits of student voice for students and decision makers.

Policy Work


We support K-12 education policies and practices that address the barriers and inequities systemically embedded in Oregon’s K-12 education system. We conduct extensive research and listen to student voices on each practice and policy when forming our stance. 

Summaries of our policy priorities

2019 Legislative Session


We plan to advocate for these broad policy priorities:

  • Aligning K-12 sexual harassment policies with collegiate policies

  • Addressing discrimination, harassment, bullying, and intimidation in K-12 schools

  • Increasing access to mental health resources

  • Creating alternative pathways for success after graduation

2018 Legislative Session


We met with state policymakers to advocate for improving reporting standards around sexual harassment allegations to ensure the safety of students and increase transparency and accountability in school administration (House Bill 4150). Representative Salinas and Senator Gelser were chief sponsors on the bill. We requested an amendment to the bill to require school districts to provide updates to students and their families about the progress of the investigation. On March 16, 2018, Governor Kate Brown signed this bill into law. We hope that House Bill 4150 lays the groundwork for future legislation that provides more protections and rights for victims.


We also advocated for the following policy priorities:

  • Removing barriers to financing higher education for undocumented students (Senate Bill 1563). Signed into law by Governor Kate Brown on April 13, 2018.

  • Ensuring that students are authentically engaged with the work of the Joint Committee on Student Success.

2017 Legislative Session


We spoke with state policymakers about the passage of the Ethnic Studies Bill (House Bill 2845), which directs the Oregon Department of Education to convene an advisory group to develop ethnic-studies standards into existing statewide social-studies standards. We successfully asked to have two high school students or recent graduates included on the advisory group. On June 30, 2017, Governor Kate Brown signed this bill into law.

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