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Learn how to improve your community using student voice

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is for all students to be authentic partners with other education stakeholders in making decisions that affect their K-12 learning experience and opportunities.

Our mission is to reframe Oregon’s understanding of the student’s role in their learning by empowering all students to be active agents in shaping their education.

Our Initiatives

Three student standing at the Oregn capitol


We intend to understand the diverse student experiences across Oregon and partner with K-12 decision makers to improve these experiences. We listen to the voices of students and share their stories to advocate for change in schools. 

Oregon studets participating in the monthly meeting.


We cultivate innovative, resilient, and engaged high school students. We provide students with the tools and support they need to identify challenges in schools, collaborate with other stakeholders, and harness their community to implement solutions.

Oregon students presenting at a conference.


We give students an opportunity to lead. Members receive monthly trainings around building and managing an organization. Members 

use these skills to direct OSV operations, strategies, and initiatives with guidance from adult advisors.

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